24 February 2005

Decisions, Decisons

This is some of the crew this morning. I can't say that I was jealous about them being back in the water. I just don't trust the water yet. I also heard that one of them got sick after surfing yesterday. Now, the real test will come tomorrow. Will I have the willpower to stay on dry land? I didn't have a choice today. I had to teach at 2 and hadn't prepared my lecture. So I used that as my excuse not to get in. What am I going to do tomorrow? I don't know if I can wait another day. Will it be clean enough? At this point, we're all finding ways to justify getting in the water. My justification is that I will have waited the 72 hours. That's not entirely true though. I can't remember on which day it stopped raining so I don't really know if it's been 72 hours. I've looked at the county website that grades the various breaks. Right now, Malibu gets an "F". My break has between a "B" and a "C". Hmmmm. Would I eat in a restaurant with a "C" grade from the county? I've done so before, but that was only because it was a restaurant I frequented often. Now that I think about it, I came up with some justification for eating there too.

It's hard to know what to do. I've never gotten sick from surfing. I'm not Superwoman or anything. I tend to pick up every germ that my child spews at me. But, somehow, the ocean and I have been on good terms. I stay out of the water after it rains. I try not to take any chances. If I get in tomorrow, will I be tempting fate? Will the Wheel of Fortune spin against me? Stay tuned!


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