20 February 2005

Rowing to Catalina

When it rains, I row. It's rained quite a bit over the last three months and I think I've probably rowed to Catalina. Today, I spent an hour rowing. The first 20 minutes are hellish; I always want the workout to be over already and spend too much time looking at the clock. But once I hit the 20 minute mark, my brain settles down, the tunes on the iPod start to work their magic, and before I know it the hour is up. I don't really like to row. It wasn't my idea to buy a rowing machine. Now that it's here, I'm the only one who uses it. It turns out the thing is perfect for cross-training for surfing. It works your entire body, yes. The bulk of the work is done by your upper body, particularly your lats. I didn't know what a godsend the thing was until I got back in the water after the big storms in December and January. I hadn't surfed in three weeks so I assumed I'd be hurting after just a few sessions in the water. To my surprise, I spent five straight days in the water, something I don't have a chance to do often and something I assumed I wouldn't be physically prepared to do after such a long break. Rowing has now become my secret weapon.


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