11 February 2005


I guess there's no rush to wax my board now. "The Department of Health Services recommends that beach users avoid contact with ocean water, especially near flowing storm drains, creeks and rivers for a period of 3 days after rainfall ends." When it rains like this, I have no problem heeding that admonition. I'm not interested in growing a tail or a third eye because I wouldn't stay out of the polluted water. Besides, I have to go back to work on Monday anyway; there will be no surfing on any Monday for a long time.

As it is, I'm all surfed out. Three hours at San O on Wednesday and then an hour at my home break on Thursday were more than enough for me. My lats are asking me to take a break. Advice to fellow surfers: listen to your body. Surfing is a sport. That means those of us who are able to surf, or do other forms of exercise, several times a week must beware of overtraining. You'll know it when you've done it. Surfing is fun, but it's still a workout (when you do it right). When your body says it's had enough, listen. If you push yourself too hard, you're setting yourself up for some horrible sessions in the water. So when it's time to rest, just do it. There will always be waves. I lifted weights today. I'll do something else tomorrow, take Sunday off, lift again on Monday, and get back in the water on Tuesday. When I'm feeling good and have time, I surf (or do some other workout) and the lift later in the day. When I don't feel good, I do one workout or simply take the day off. Even if it hadn't rained today, I could not have gotten back in the water. My heart and lats weren't in it. Surfing is not my job. It's my passion. Why would I do anything to make myself miserable in the water? Again, listen to your body. The time you take to rest and recover will make you a stronger athlete in the long run.


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