16 February 2005

Nothing New to Report

There's not much happening in the way of surf. I waxed the board on Monday night, thinking I'd surf Tuesday before my class and before the rains came. Well, I got to the beach only to find nothing to surf. Our break was closed out and breaking close to shore. Can't do much with that. I had a two hour class this morning. I thought about taking my board with me and then going to the South Bay after I was done teaching. But that's a lot of board to drag around with you, especially if the surf doesn't cooperate. I decided I'd just go for a bike ride and check things out at the beach. There wasn't much going on down there. It was low tide and windy. Very few people were out. I'll try again tomorrow morning before my afternoon class. At this point, f#!k the weatherman. Is it going to rain or isn't it? And why am I getting such an attitude? I used to be able to tell when it was going to rain. I didn't need help from the weather people. I, like so many of us, have gotten too far removed from nature. (I can't believe I, someone who has lived her entire life in a large city, am saying that.) I think I'm ready to do what the bumper sticker says: Pray for surf.


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