18 February 2005

Surf Sites I Can't Live Without

Whiffleboy's blog is a must-read for me. It's one of the surf-related sites I look at every morning when I'm checking the surf before I head to the beach. On the good days, I think of him as a kindred spirit. On the bad days, I think of us as the "Misery Loves Company" Twins.
Confessions of a Novice Surfer

If you live in L.A., you can't surf without El Porto.com. Although I don't surf Venice, I love the reports from the guy at this break. One report in particular sticks in my mind. I'm not sure which break it was for, but it was after one of the heavy rains. The guy doing the surf report admonished everyone to stay out of the water, saying something like, ". . . if you do [get in] you'll get leprosy and your dick will fall off." I read that and laughed all day. That's the kind of surf reporting I want to hear!
El Porto

This is another site I value greatly. It gives you, among other things, a quick overview of the surf conditions at the breaks in your county (in California). I owe these guys one. They said Sunset was "good" in January, and they were spot on!
Pacific Waverider

Surf reports. Surf cams. Local news. Perfection.

I like that they will email you surf forecasts. I also like their online store.

I like Ody. I'll be ordering a board from him before the year is out.

I was talking to Tyler's wife the other day, explaining that I'd been surfing somewhere, saw a guy on a Tyler, and paddled over to see what he had. Then we started talking about the boards. Before I knew it, we were buddies. When a good wave would start to roll in, he'd whistle to me and point at it, letting me know to get ready. I told this to Tyler's wife. She said people with the boards seem to be in some little club. I corrected her. It's not a club. It's like being in a cult. The only problem is that our leader doesn't know that he's got all of these people under his spell.
Our Leader

Once it rains, I use these two sites to make my decison about going back in the water.
Heal the Bay
L.A. County Water Monitoring


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