22 February 2005

Check Out the Funky Shorts!

CJ Nelson showing off at some contest I went to in Malibu last summer. I had a lot of fun that day. I'd never been to a contest before (and haven't been to one since) and expected the vibe to be somewhat frenetic. I mean, it was a competition, right? My primary competitive experience comes from cycling, the sport I walked away from to pursue surfing. Cycling is a sport that involves pain (a great deal of pain). As a result, people who race bikes aren't exactly cordial, especially not on race day. I did not expect to find myself in the middle of a great big party on the beach. That's what this contest was. Everyone was in a good mood. I don't think anyone cared all that much about the standings or how people placed in their heats. Had I still been racing bikes when I went to that contest, I can guarantee I would have stopped probably the next day. This is why I say I no longer have the capacity to be athletically intense. There's no fun in that. There's no joy in that. I must have liked racing bikes at some point. I raced for quite a few years. But now that I'm removed from it, I have trouble remembering why I found it enjoyable. I've moved on. I just wish I'd come to surfing a little sooner.


At 2/23/05, 6:38 AM, Blogger puttzle said...

Hey, I just realized the picture on your blog is San-O! Nice.


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