30 December 2011

Meanwhile, Over in the Social Media World

His wall:

Him: Still sooo good! Saw a crazy person on a flying mattresss on head high+ bombs. She looked like she was having the most fun.

Magic carpet ride, baby!!

My wall:

You looked like you were having the most fun this morning! Bombs on mat!

I know one of them was so long that I didn't think I'd ever make it back out to the lineup! And look who's talking about catching bombs. All of your waves were at least head high!

You were gone for so long that i began to worry and skipped beyond the rescue phase and transitioned to recovery mode....recover the mat so that i could ride it!

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! You would actually leave my lifeless body out there to wash up on Boneyards while you got hold of a free mat? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Well...that would have been a cruel. I would have at least anchored your lifeless body to the seaweed for later recovery. If you had shown some sign of life, i would have tied you on my board and then anchored it to the seaweed for later recovery.


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