04 February 2011

Fancy That

In a matter of three days, I went from gainfully unemployed with no prospects to an offer of full-time employment. I heard about this job, via word of mouth, on Wednesday afternoon. I contacted the company on Thursday morning. I was emailed a test, a hard as $#^%!@#! test, on Thursday afternoon. I sent it back a few hours later. They called before the day was out and asked me to come in for an interview. I went in this morning. I interviewed with two people. I got home around noon. At 3, they called to offer me the position. I start work on Monday.

My head is still spinning.

Yes, there's a reason why I've put this picture in this post.

Those of you who know me or have met me know I'm not exactly a fashion plate. I'm quite happy in my jeans, tank tops and Vans.

So how on earth did I land a job in fashion? I'm so ignorant when it comes to fashion that I was not even familiar with this company. Of course, when I told others about where I'll be working, they flipped.

Expect some serious Ugly Betty moments.


At 2/6/11, 11:03 AM, Blogger Surfing Grandma of OC said...

Maybe you can write your own story line! Can't wait to hear all about it. Good Luck!

At 2/6/11, 1:41 PM, Anonymous Soul Arch Matt said...

Oh, my condolences on becoming gainfully employed. Its likely to have negative consequences to your water time. Hope you love the job. Peace.

At 2/6/11, 6:44 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

As I said to someone else, this turning point is bittersweet. I will no longer be a free surfer, no. I will, however, be able to pay the bills. And with a child in private school, a future need for braces on his teeth and finally being able to see a doctor again, I can't bemoan my fate. This is a wonderful development that came at just the right time.

At 2/7/11, 6:19 PM, Blogger christian said...

I think that's great. You may not have a fashion resume, but you've got style for days, present yourself well and are intelligent. That goes a long way, I think. I may very soon be down to two days a week in the water, but like you, I gotta do what I gotta do. :)

At 2/8/11, 11:37 AM, Anonymous Josh Aggars said...

Congratulations! Having been out of employment for certain parts of the past couple of years I promise its nice sometimes to just pay the bills and not worry about it. Afterall if it doesn't work out and the sea comes a calling you can always quit!


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