25 December 2010

Why is It Raining . . . Again?!?!

It's Christmas!! Have you no shame? We all want to go surfing tomorrow. We will have allowed the ocean to clean up after that week of rain. We've been nice, not naughty. Why is it raining now? Today? Again?

So, I actually finished my attempt at 100,000 kilometers. I was interrupted the last time I tried to reach my goal. We had a power outage as I was in the middle of the rowing session. I got off the rowing machine out of disgust. I don't need power for the rowing machine. I do, however, need power for the music that keeps me focused. Once the music stopped, so did I. Thankfully, though, I reached 100,000 kilometers yesterday morning without incident.

Dearest Santa,

Thank you for the new skateboard. It's exactly what I wanted. And thank you for giving me permission to buy myself the '65 Ford wagon. That was the biggest Christmas present I've ever gotten. Do me a favor? Please talk to Mother Nature about the rain. If it continues, it will bring out my Scrooge-like tendencies. We don't want that now, do we?

You stay fat, jolly and generous. I'll keep surfing.

Best regards,

The chick with the alliterative nom de plume and given names.


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