19 December 2010

Hunkered Down

The rain? I was over it two days ago. Los Angeles and rain do not a good mix make. Remember, this is the city that announces "Storm Watch" on the news each and every time it rains. Our drivers are already careless, preoccupied and often certain that they are justified in feeling a grand sense of entitlement (because their expensive cars are obviously more deserving of space on the road than our hoopties are). When it rains here, I cringe.

Well, it's not only raining, it's raining buckets. And it's going to rain buckets for days on end.

I am not amused. First, you can't surf when it rains like this as the conditions are too junky. Second, you can't surf after it rains like this because the ocean is too filthy.

What is a surfer to do?

Before I knew all of this rain was on the way, I signed myself up for the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge. It means I've committed to doing 100,000 kilometers on the rowing machine between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I decided to do it on a lark. I've recently gotten back to the rowing machine. I'd stopped using it seriously after my knee replacement. The machine just seemed impossible to use and quite painful. Because I lost some range of motion in my knee, I can't comfortably row the way I did prior to surgery. So, truthfully, I'd given up on the rowing machine altogether. Then, at my last job (you know I quit that gig, right? What? We all know how I am!), I worked with someone who used to be a competitive rower. He told me that there are many senior rowers who've got bad knees and that they just do a shorter pull. So, I tried that. And now I'm back to the rowing machine. As of today, I'm three-quarters of the way toward my goal. The fact that I won't be surfing any time soon almost ensures that I will reach 100,000 kilometers by Christmas.

The weather also ensures that I will be spending a great deal of time in the Woman Cave as I maintain my fitness until I can get back in the water.

I row in there, but I also lift weights and get some time to myself in there. That's the place where I will be seriously hunkered down, especially given the fact that I live in an old neighborhood with old transformers that blow up every time we have a good storm. The lack of electricity on the premises always sends me out to the Woman Cave. I've got batteries for the boombox and windows that provide more than enough light during the daytime.

It is a bit distressing to recognize that there will be no going outside to play for the next few days.

The dog is none too happy either. I have taken him on a few quick walks when the rains let up here and there. For the most part though, he's as hunkered down as I am. And neither of us likes being stuck in the house. Still, given the way we Angelenos act when it rains, I think it's safer to stay close to home. I'm just sayin'.


At 12/19/10, 5:36 PM, Blogger Michelle "Mikala" said...

Love the skate board ramp! I love rowing! What a great overall work out! I use the one at the YMCA and I find it a great conditioning for the upper body. I wish I had a woman cave! That is great! The YMCA is a great facility and has an olympic size swimming pool. I love to swim in those lanes for some reason! What a great work out and I think of it in the sense that it can only help me out in the surfing department. Sorry to hear about the rain. We had a day after it rained over the Summer and the beach turned into a smelly brackish pit. It is sad to realize that all of that waste is out there! Yuck! I can't imagine what the sea life must think. Have you utilized the ramp in your backyard? It looks like a lot of fun!

At 12/19/10, 7:03 PM, Blogger Vyusher La Kali said...

Humans in cars have a hard time regarding other humans in cars.

At 12/19/10, 7:07 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

I don't ride the ramp as much as I'd like. Frankly, I surf so much that I have little time for anything other than being a mommy and a surfer. Wait!! I'm unemployed right now. That frees up some time for the ramp now.

At 12/20/10, 11:39 AM, Blogger pabs said...

If you lived in the "real" NORCAL, you would not have to worry bout the filth in the water, as we NEVER have that problem up here...just the huge waves, great whites, and bone-chilling water temps! :-)

At 12/20/10, 3:28 PM, Anonymous Val said...

I'm hunkered down in my woman-cave too (my entire 1 bedroom condo is my woman-cave.) It has transformed into the Art Shack for now - yay!


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