10 December 2010

(Laughing Too Hard to Title This Post)

What the $#%&!? Hey, I'm open-minded and all. Live and let live. You do your thing, I'll do mine. But . . . seriously . . . WTF? Who on earth would wear this?

Okay, people, slow your roll(s). Don't start writing comments about tight pants, hipsters, young people, etc. This is my wetsuit. Yeah, I know. As I was deciding on colors and how to have them laid out on the wetsuit, I kept telling myself I was out of my mind. Still, I kept on fooling around with the color design of this wetsuit. Then, my seemingly psychotropic drug-addled brain settled on what you see here. Once I'd played around with these colors, I knew I wouldn't actually have someone make this wetsuit. I mean, we're talking about me here. I spent so much time trying to blend into the lineup and not be noticed when I first started surfing. Guess what I eventually figured out? If you're black and female and a surfer, everyone notices. Few people care, but most people notice.

And what has my motto been for the last few years? Say it with me: "Since you're going to stare at me anyway, I'll give you something to stare at."

Once again, this is a custom Reunion wetsuit. Once you go black, er . . . I mean custom, you never go back. I don't plan to go back to buying wetsuits off the rack. Ryo's got my measurements down! And the suits are perfection! Perhaps the next one will be less, uh, happy. Then again, maybe not.


At 12/10/10, 6:39 PM, Blogger MF said...

Love the asymmetry - the sort of think I would do.

At 12/11/10, 6:22 AM, Blogger Beetlejuice said...

I like the "v neck" playful, but academic

At 12/11/10, 6:24 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Love it .

At 12/11/10, 11:08 PM, Blogger Julie said...

oh wow i am way jealous. that is unbelievably awesome.

At 12/14/10, 2:37 PM, Blogger El Hefe said...

Aye Aye, Captain Kirk.


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