27 December 2010

Thanks, Santa Baby!!

This is probably the longest skateboard I've ever seen up close and personally. And I'm going to walk (i.e., cross-step) all over it.

Woot!! There it is!! It's been at least a year since I declared my intent to never buy anything from the iTunes store again. I love Apple, but their music purchasing policies bite!! If your computer dies and takes your un-backed up music library with it, you have to jump through hoops to get your purchased songs into your new set-up. I'm done with that. I decided awhile ago that it was just cheaper, and better, to buy an entire CD. This allows you to really get a feel for the artist. You also pay much less than you would if you bought one song at a time through the iTunes store. And my point is? Well, I'm getting there. I had to rant for just a bit. (Thinking to myself, "Now where was I?") Oh!! Anyway, I have hundreds of albums. There was no way I was going to buy digital files of music I already owned. So, I have all this music that I love and can't listen to on my iPod. Santa felt my pain . . . and brought me a turntable that will allow me to turn my vinyl into digital files. Fantastic!!

Surfing? What's that? I've not gotten wet in close to two weeks. I tried today to no avail. I tried two breaks. The first had clean water and way too many people for the small takeoff zone. Alas, the waves lacked the juice for a decent mat session, therefore I took a pass. The second spot had marginal shape, but was relatively empty. I asked three people whether I should paddle out. The first said, "I had fun." Okay, I took his words with a grain of salt. He always says he had fun. The two other I asked both said the water was dirty. That was all I needed to hear. I came home, lifted weights, walked the dog and made plans to try again tomorrow before it rains.


At 12/28/10, 11:00 AM, Blogger C-Dub said...

I totally agree with the iTunes thing. I have alot of vinyl i need to transfer. How has your system worked ? Good?

At 12/28/10, 11:24 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

It's great. The sound quality is just fine. I haven't taken the time to sync my iPod with my iTunes library yet (so that I can hear the vinyl songs on my player), but I did listen to parts of each song after I made the copies and they sounded great. Frankly, I like the popping and clicking of vinyl. So being able to hear that again is a treat.

At 12/28/10, 12:15 PM, Blogger SlowPolk said...

nice skateboard (super very nice wow) your santa needs to talk to my K

At 12/29/10, 1:28 PM, Blogger Michelle "Mikala" said...

Double Wow! A longboard skateboard and a record player that converts music to digital sound! That is awesome! I would like to find one of those and buy some older albums. I miss that scratch and pop sound that the vinyl offers! We have a Kahuna Longboard Skateboard and it is fun to walk all over that board! I think it is great practice for the real thing!

At 1/1/11, 10:02 PM, Blogger harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

perfect for converting rockers and other roots and culture to digital. super shaka to you.
uncle stein


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