27 October 2010

Gotta Let Those Gills Dry for a Bit

This photo has no significance whatsoever. In fact, it has nothing to do with this post. I was getting dressed, looked at all of my surf junk strewn around the car and took a picture for posterity.

I've recently acquired an addition to my tattoo quiver. I'll be out of the water for a bit. I don't even mind that much. This will certainly give my over-worked shoulders a chance to rest since I'm not allowed in a pool either. Do you know what this means? I might even wash my car. As quiet as it's kept, one of the reasons I don't wash my car at home is because it taxes my already tired shoulders too much. I just don't want to waste that exertion on the car. I'd rather leave it all out in the water. As a result, my car is hardly ever washed. I don't take it to a commercial hand wash because I'm both cheap and loath to take all of my surf junk out of the back so that someone can run a vacuum back there. Now that I'm out of the water for a week, I think I will pay some attention to my car. Heck, I might even throw some wax on it for good measure!

On the day that the picture above was taken, I had a rather long talk with a guy who was parked near me at the beach. He was a guy who was originally from Turkey. After my session, we got to talking. I don't know what prompted the conversation. Strangers have always engaged me in deep conversations out of the blue. They do it in the water, which I don't like, but it generally happens more often than not on land. I don't mind these conversations when I'm dry. Anyway, this guy and I got to talking. He was a nice-looking man, well-spoken, genuine and personable. As it turns out, he was living in his car. You never would have suspected that. But the recession had led him to that point. He said he didn't mind. I believed him. He was someone who obviously took life as it came. We talked for a long time about the state of the economy, politicians, human beings, greed and who knows what else. When all was said and done, he wanted to help me put my board back in the car. Normally, I neither need help nor want help. If the board is going to get dinged, I want to be the only one responsible for that tragedy.

So what happened? I graciously accepted his help with the board. We wished each other well and parted company. Friends we meet. A friend and fellow blogger once used those three words as the title to a post about like-minded people he'd met over the internet. The conversation with this guy made me think about my fellow blog writer's use of those words. They also apply to people we meet in passing, perhaps never to see again.

Go left for me!


At 10/27/10, 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Random clip from youtube - is this you?


At 10/27/10, 7:08 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Nope. But that chick looks to have stolen my hair, my board and my totally thrashed wetsuit. Oh, and my big smile at the end of that ride. I wonder who that beauty of a doppelganger is?


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