08 October 2010

Quiver Addition (and Subtraction)

When I wrote about that transcendent session on the mat, I truly had no words to express how mind-blowing it was. Even though my interest in mats began the first time I heard tell about such a thing as a surf mat, I was not at all prepared for the truth. You can't handle the truth. Oh, I can handle the truth alright.

The truth is that I excitedly contacted Paul Gross. "I want to get another mat." Period. End of story. Mind blown. And it's not something you can explain to other people. I'd ridden my mat many times before, right? But something magical happened in that last session . . . and I wasn't high on drugs.

Quiver addition:

One magic towel. Custom. Made in the U.S.A. Delivered within two days.

The fact that other people don't get it is fine. They just see some inflatable thing. Laughter ensues. Ha ha.

The person on the mat gets the last laugh though.

Both Greenough and Gross get it. I thought I got it. I rode a mat. It made me smile. It was a helluva lot of fun. Then I took it to a wave with shape on a virtually empty day.

And, to quote a term blacks used to use in the 70's, I got turned out! Fully.

As for my quiver subtraction, that was in the works prior to my . . . hmmm . . . whatever that was. I realized I had no place to surf this board and let her go to a good home where she will do more than just sit unused in the garage. What does this have to do with the mat? Well, normally I would be thinking of replacing that board with another. This is my modus operandi. Sell a board, buy a board.

No. Sell a board, get a new mat.

My mat quiver is now up to two. One Standard and a custom Tracker Roundtail. The surfboard quiver is now down to seven, I think. There's a new board on the way, but now I'm in no rush for it to arrive.

Mind blown.


At 10/9/10, 7:24 AM, Blogger P.O.P. Surfer said...

Hmm..I'm still using that term today. But, it's hard to grasp that it can be that fun, when it folds up like a little towel.
Maybe it'll be the new thing, after I have the back surgery.

At 10/9/10, 7:44 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

If you do a YouTube search for George Greenough and Paul Gross, among others, surfing a mat, you will begin to see the possibilities. However, you can't grasp the mat experience until it's been your own. Seriously. So, yes, it will remain hard to grasp. And I think mat riders like it that way.

At 10/9/10, 6:01 PM, Blogger pranaglider said...

Like it or not it does seem to be the way.


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