20 August 2010

Mat Meet 2010!!

Props to Pranaglider for making it happen. On Sunday, a bunch of us will be getting together to shred on our mats. Well, they'll be shredding. I'll be flailing. That's what I do best on my mat.

In my mind, I always ride the mat like this:

Usually, though, I'm getting tossed around in the whitewater and thinking I'm tearing it up like George Greenough on one of his beloved 4GF mats. Then I see the picture of me on my 4GF and just laugh at my ability to be so delusional! Flailing? Yes. Flying down the face with total control like GG? Not!!

I've even been known to lose my mat on occasion too. Don't blame it on the mat. Blame the rider, the one who insists on taking her mat out into the home break closeouts.

Mat meet on Sunday!! Be there or be L7!! (Come on!! Who doesn't know that "L7" is another way of saying "square"?)


At 8/21/10, 7:11 AM, Blogger pranaglider said...

It will be great to see you there!


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