22 July 2009

Nine Miles and One Sore Knee Later

My knee is a bit more swollen than usual today. Who would have thought that a short bike ride of nine miles would be as much as I could handle? I take that back. I can physically handle more mileage than that. My knee cannot. Oh yeah, I did swim yesterday morning too. I'd forgotten about that. Two workouts in one day? No wonder my knee is unhappy.

The knee is holding up. Unfortunately, recovery is a long process. The fact that I'm physically able to pop-up and ride a wave doesn't mean my knee is ready to do it. My first sessions back in the water will probably see me take a couple of waves before calling it a day. There won't be any of my three-hour sessions any time soon. I have no idea when I'll be able to surf with the kind of intensity I did prior to surgery.


At 7/23/09, 10:36 AM, Blogger Christian said...

The good news is that after months out of the water, even a two or three wave session will feel so sweet. :)

At 7/24/09, 8:15 AM, Blogger Andrew said...

Hi Surfsister
I am having my knee done is second week in September. The doc is doing the Zimmer Ultra-flex knee with a modified minimal invasive operation. Pretty cool he doesn't cut the quad. Faster recovery time. I already had my hip done four years ago and surfed three month after that surgery. I love your blog it gives me hope! Can wait to you ride that first wave. Keep writing and keep up the good work. Also let me know what kind of knee surgery your doc did. Thanks.

At 7/24/09, 10:30 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

I had the full-on let's-cut-the-quads-and-everything-else surgery. I guess you'll be having the MIS (minimally invasive surgery). You'll definitely recover faster. I know that someone from the knee replacement forum had the MIS. She's still got pain, but she's able to do much more than I'm doing. And since you've already had a joint replaced, you already know the mindset you'll need for recovery. Alright then, Andrew! Let's get together for a surf—I'm not kidding—once we're both bionic and ready to paddle out again.


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