10 July 2009

The Recovery Rollercoaster

You grow weary of the constant pain, the south swells you can't surf, the limited flexion, the scar that talks to you every minute of the day.

Today is not a good day. Mind you, it's not necessarily a bad one either. I swam this morning. I did a little spinning on the bike (which is still on the stationary trainer). I did all of the things required of me and a wife and mom. But damn if I'm not tired of being on virtual lockdown with this knee. You know, the one that doesn't bend worth shit.

The fact that I can't surf is finally getting to me. The fact that I can't jump on my bike and ride to the beach brings me down every time I sit in the Woman Cave pedaling as if I'm on the Bridge to Nowhere.

The problem I'm having is that there are finally days when I feel good, days when the pain is minimal and therefore my attitude is great. Then there are the days like today, days when the pain is a constant, yet unwanted companion. The good days make it harder to muddle through the bad days.

But muddle through I will.


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