29 October 2008

I Like What I See

There's a new blog (?) on the surf scene. Is it a blog? I'm not sure. Whatever it is, I like it enough to devote my own blog entry to it.

Grass is Greener

In other news, as suspected, Soul Brother #1's job told him good-bye. He had worked there for 24 years. The only thing I've done for that long is be black. But I digress. What did he get for his 24 years? A few months of severance. What's that you say? Is that all? Yes. That's it. Now, it's personal. And I'll just come out and take sides. There's no fucking way in hell I'd ever vote for McCain. Aside from the fact that I know he couldn't care less about helping those in need, he will take this country down a path that would have my son (and other people's children) being shipped off to war when they reach the age of majority. If you can't define what you mean by "succeed" with respect to the Iraq war, you're telling me that you're happy to be at war forever. And who was the dimwit who thought Sarah Palin was a proper running mate? If I'm a white guy running for president against a black guy who just beat out a popular white woman in the election for his party's choice, I'm going to pick a kick ass female vice presidential candidate whose credentials can't be questioned. I'm picking Condoleeza Rice. That's how you get us to shut up and take notice. But Sarah Palin? As the saying goes . . . n!*@a, please!

We are much worse off than we were eight years ago. I blame Bush, Cheney, Rove and the like. McCain is no different than they are. He can call himself a "maverick" until he's blue in the face. You're only a maverick to me when you give George Bush the finger and tell him where he can shove it.

Am I bitter? Yes. Am I objective? No. Do I think things will improve overnight if McCain's opponent is elected? No. When you have a baby, you're reminded that it took you nine months to gain all of the baby weight and it's going to take probably that long to get it back off. No one can fix this mess overnight. But if we give McCain the chance to try, he'll screw it up, die and leave us with that chick who . . . never mind.

Okay, this entry ended up being a rant masquerading as an entry about another blog. Rant over.


At 10/30/08, 2:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool new blog find, and I heart Obama so much he better effen win.

At 11/1/08, 6:20 PM, Blogger clayfin said...

good rant!

At 11/2/08, 10:35 PM, Blogger PG said...

Sweating out the election, big time. DO NOT trust the Republican power machine. DO NOT trust the polls. DO NOT believe that anyone could fall for McCain and Palin. What a doofuss VP choice.

Sorry to hear about #1. that really sucks.


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