18 October 2008


I'm completely enamored of surf mats, not that I've ever tried one or seen one in the flesh. Now that I'm pretty much without employment (as a surfing friend and I, who work for the same outfit, learned yesterday), I won't be getting a surf mat any time soon. There's one more board that will be coming to the quiver shortly. After that, who knows?


At 10/18/08, 1:02 PM, Blogger asmith said...

Take a trip down to san diego. You can borrow mine for a bit.

At 10/18/08, 7:35 PM, Blogger devin said...

well what do you know.. surfmat

-Devin the Bull

At 10/19/08, 1:25 AM, Anonymous Lori said...

great video thanks

At 10/20/08, 12:40 PM, Blogger Jamie Watson said...

Wow, I had never heard of these surf mats before and I am sorry to hear about the job thing.

At 10/28/08, 1:28 AM, Anonymous MAT MAX said...

Check out http://surfmatters.blogspot.com to see some surfmat posts, both humorous and factual info.

At 10/28/08, 5:50 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

MM, I've already seen it. I'm a long-time lurker. Thanks!


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