27 October 2008

Dance Party Mondays!

Can't stand her! She's one of those crazy Jacksons—and I do mean crazy. I've never seen so many black people in one family who went to extreme lengths not to look black. Michael . . . I won't even go there. And you'll never see one of his videos on this blog. Brother, if you're that ashamed of your heritage and the physical characteristics that come with it, you've got a bigger problem than someone like me can understand. Bleaching your skin? (I ain't fallin' for that vitilago stuff!) Completely straightening your hair? Jackin' up your face with one plastic surgery after another? I mean, come on! You're black. That's how your nose is supposed to look! Ain't nothin' wrong wit it! Janet is not far behind him. She's spending way too much time fighting her body. As good as she looks thin, it's not healthy for her to be that small. That's why her weight goes up and down like a yo-yo. And she, too, worked hard to rid herself of the nose. (Shaking my head.)

With that being said, I have to admit that Janet, in particular, makes great music for dancing.


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