22 August 2008

I'm a Winner

Jamie at PineappleLuv had a Beach Blanket Burnout giveaway. She alerted her readers to the giveaway last week and said the winners would be chosen this week. And I won, I won!! Video. T-shirt. Booklet. Hot damn!!!

A lot of people went in search of surf today. I went to the pool. There was no way I was going to waste my gas and my time on what probably wouldn't be out there in the water. I got up while it was still dark. I was somewhat undecided about what my workout for the day would be. That's not entirely true. When I plan to surf, my gear is all in one spot and the board of choice is allowed to spend the night in the living room. None of this had been done in anticipation of my Friday workout. My swim bag was the only workout-related paraphernalia that was in the living room. Anyway, I waited around at home long enough to get a quick glimpse at a surf cam. Since the sun was beginning to rise, I could see a little of what was going on out there. It looked like a little bit of nothin'. "Screw that," I thought. "Might as well get my swim on." And I did.


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