20 August 2008

Shark Watch! (Day 2)

I saw a fin today and just about #@!% myself. It was a dolphin. I also saw a pretty damn big fish jump straight up out of the water. Never having seen a fish of that size do that before, I assumed the shark was near. Thankfully, he or she kept out of sight, thus keeping me from imitating the fish and jumping straight up out of the water.

I used to think my alternating (mismatched?) neon green and blue toenail polish would scare the shark away. Now I'm concerned that curiosity will get the better of the shark, who will assume my toes are some kind of exotic fish and try to get a nibble. Will that make me stop polishing my toes? Nope. But I did spend an inordinate amount of time trying to see what was going on underneath my board.

The waves? They sucked.


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