18 August 2008

Dance Party Mondays (REJECTED)

NOTE: After I wrote this post, I decided the song wasn't quite up to my dance party standards. I'll include the video and the post anyway.

This is classic!! I love that James Brown is singing what is probably the only true Black Power anthem to get serious radio air play. What makes this video even better is that the majority of the people jammin' to it are white. On a superficial level, it's all peace and love, right? But then you look more closely and you realize some of the folks in the video don't know if they're supposed to sing along, feel guilty, or just sit there. I guess it's kind of like how I felt in college when I listened to Black Flag's "White Minority". I love that song. However, I feel kind of odd singing along.

As you know from having seen the pictures of my latest board, this is a song that's close to my heart. I remember singing it in elementary school. I did not quite understand its importance. I've since learned that James Brown made a bold move by releasing a song like this. Seems kind of tame by today's standards.

I'll still be dancing to this song when I'm an old lady at the old surfer's home. I'll be easy to spot—the little old black lady trying to ride a skateboard down the hallways and probably singing some unrecognizable song that's part "White Minority" and part "Say It Loud".


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