11 August 2008

Dance Party Mondays

Jamie, over at Pineapple Luv, has "Surf Fridays". I like that. I've decided to use her for inspiration. This is the first installment of "Dance Party Mondays". I don't care what you wanna say about Hammer. When he first hit the scene, all we heard was his album. This song was the jam! We didn't even know the brother could dance. And then they came out with the video. Go, Hammer! Go, Hammer! Say what you want about the 80's. I miss the hip hop from that era. No grills. Fewer scantily-dressed, big-bootied women. No body counts (until NWA came along). No overblown conspicuous consumption. And the men looked good (as compared to this current crop of wanna-be-a-gangster brothers being pushed by the recording corporations now).

Admit it, you can't watch this without moving a body part in syncopation with the music. You know you want to get up and shake that thing. So shake it!


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