13 August 2008

There Won't Be Blood?

I paddled out today with SoS#2, wondering if we'd see any of the folks from Saturday's day trip. After about an hour, I spied one person sitting too far away from us to be of any worry. We waved. She stayed put. No problems. Then I saw two more from the day trip. They stayed on the inside. Still good. Then I saw the one who I thought would spill the beans, but she, like the first, was nowhere near us. Well, before I knew it, she was right next to us and talking up a storm. We mainly talked about the Olympics. When SoS#2 came closer, we all discussed the Olympics. I was a little worried that talk would turn to Saturday . . . and it did!!

SoS#2: Hey, how was San O?

Day Trip Friend: Oh it was goo . . .

Me: Yeah!! That guy from Togo was fantastic and got the bronze!!!

I think I was yelling when I spoke up. Mind you, I don't raise my voice to yell very often. But I'm sure I was yelling then. My diversionary tactic worked. We all returned to discussions about the beautiful Olympians. No more was said about San O. (Exhale!)

I find my relationship with SoS#2 perplexing. I like her (most of the time). I like surfing with her (most of the time). I guess what confuses me is her attitude. Aside from being possessive of me and my time, she is overly competitive and is looking for validation from those around her. I think that in her mind, surfing is a competition. She wants to be better than everyone else, get more waves than everyone else, get noticed, etc. One day I mentioned a surf friend whom I adore (but didn't say that). The first thing SoS#2 said was, "She's not a very good surfer." WTF? What? We're ready for the WCT? What's that about? Who cares? The person about whom she made that comment is so full of surf joy that it's infectious. You can't help but be happy when you surf with her. Criticizing her surfing is uncalled for. And yet, this is how SoS#2 operates. Suffice it to say, I can only take so much of that kind of attitude. I think I'm a good enough surfer. I am by no means a great surfer. Sometimes I think SoS#2 believes she's a great surfer (as evidenced by her insistence on telling me and others how to surf). If the person you're surfing with is steadily making trips to the nose (whether they be successful or unsuccessful), why are you, the person who just stands there, telling her how to surf? This was one of the reasons why I needed my space. If you can tell me how to do the things I aspire to do, feel free to provide some coaching. If not, shut the fuck up.

This is a serious soap opera, isn't it? Will they stay friends? Will Surfsister kick SoS#2 to the curb? Will SoS#2 discover this blog and kick Surfsister's ass? Stay tuned for next week's The Surf and the Fury/As I Lay Surfing/Intruder in the Surf to find out.


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