25 August 2008

Dance Party Mondays!!

I completely forgot it was Monday. That's how bad the surf is. I've lost all track of time and space!

I hated this song when it was first released. As a baby who's got back, I guess I wasn't amused. Then I got a job working for this asshole private practitioner in Hollywood. What does that have to do with the song? Nothing, but I needed to add my editorial comments nonetheless. I'm not sure how many legal secretaries he went through while I was there. All I remember is none of them ever stayed long. See, the guy was an asshole and a stupid one at that. (Again, I couldn't help it.) Okay, I'll get to the point. He wasn't in the office much. (I did all of his legal work . . . because he was an idiot!). Anyway, there was one legal secretary who was especially cool. During the twelve o'clock hour, a local radio station would play hip hop oldies. They played this song almost every day. And she knew every single word. She'd hear the intro, start lip syncing and then she'd break out into a full dance party for one. She's the reason why I love this song. I remember our lunchtime dance parties in that horrible office with that horrible asshole attorney. (How do you represent one guy and then represent someone who was tangentially on the other side of the suit? Dude, you can't do that. And how do you ask your clerk/paralegal/whatever I was to sign your name on court documents that need to be filed while your ass is running around outside of the office? If this guy hasn't been disbarred, all is not right with the world.)

This song is probably the only good that came out of my short time working for what had to be the world's dumbest attorney.


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