23 August 2008

My New Steed

I took this bike, in pieces, to the mechanic in May!!! Then I got hurt. Then Soul Brother #1 got hurt again. (I can tell you anything you need to know about rotator cuff surgery; this year he tore the right rotator cuff. Last year it was the left.) I finally picked up the bike today. After decades of riding and racing bikes, I have just one question: Does anybody really need more than one gear? I think not.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. This bike is a combination of new and used parts. I try to reuse things whenever possible. If I can't use something, I attempt to pass it on to someone who can. There's no reason to buy a completely new bike when you've got all sorts of pieces lying around the house (if you're a cyclist, that is). This will be my primary mode of transportation when I'm staying close to home and staying in regular clothes. I'm not feeling the lycra, cleated shoes and racing persona these days. I just need non-fossil fuel-burning transporation.


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