21 June 2008

The Great Wait

Vastus medialis. This is the muscle that wasn't up to the task on the day I felt the pop. I blame myself for overlooking the importance of total body conditioning (even though I know better). Lesson learned the hard way. From here on in, I'll integrate more leg work into my training. The squats and lunges aren't enough, especially when you don't lock out the knees at the end of the squat. I'll get back on the bike enough to trigger the muscle memory and do a lot of out of the saddle riding. That kind of movement stimulates that muscle.

I rode for two hours today. There was pain, but only when I abruptly stopped pedaling to freewheel. There was no pain on inclines. There was little to no pain during hard gear mashing. I'll take that as a good sign. The turnaround spot was the home break. I don't go there much these days. I've been surfing with my tribe up the coast. But now that spot is a zoo. I'll be back at the home break once I'm ready to surf. I can't deal with these crowds. I'd rather surf a shitty wave alone than a great wave with six other people, three of whom are threatening to trade punches while going down the line.


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