18 June 2008

Tom Petty Said It Best

The waiting IS the hardest part . . . of an injury. It's been two weeks. It feels like it's been . . . two weeks. I think it will take another two weeks before I'm 80% to 90% in terms of strength. C'est la vie. I won't cry over it. It's my first surf-related injury. It won't be the last. The worst part is having a new board sitting there waiting for me. It wants to be surfed. It's begging for a wicked wax job. When you can't surf, you think about wax. What do you mean you don't think about wax? I do. Yeah, I know. Everyone is well aware of my preoccupation with surf wax.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Oh, about the comments. There won't be any. I've turned them off. This is no longer an interactive blog. The web is filled with too many anonymous throwers of flames and bad karma. Keep that shit to yourself, please.

You thought it was over? So did I.


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