21 September 2007


THE SURF-A-THON. Obviously, now that the rain reached land, I won't be going out in the water. I'm fine with that. What was most important to me was raising money for a good, ocean-related cause. The 24 hours of surfing was, of course, a gimmick. I raised about $600 in funds and goods. That's more important than the surfing. I think we're still expected to be on the beach during our shifts. I'm not sure what we're expected to do for three hours. I'll make an appearance tomorrow. I can't promise I'll go back out there on Sunday (since I won't be surfing).

THE SONG. I'd heard snippets of this song before finally buying the CD. When I actually heard the song in its entirety, I was an instant convert to the religion of Coltrane. Why do I say "convert"? Well, I was raised on jazz. My grandfather was considered jazz royalty in his time. If that wasn't enough, my dad only listened to jazz. I was hearing jazz constantly as a kid. (What's even more interesting is the fact that my mom only listened to classical and soundtracks. Imagine growing up in that house.) Anyway, my granddad and my dad were conservative when it came to jazz. My dad always complained about jazz that sounded like "music lessons". Since I didn't know better and hadn't heard anything but Count Basie, Duke Ellington, my granddad, and the like, I assumed the music my dad despised was terrible. Out of loyalty to my family, I fought my attraction to such music. But it was this song (and the rest of the album) that opened my eyes. It's only now that I realize I don't like the music my grandfather and father loved. It's too . . . hmmm . . . too. No, it's not too anything. What I don't like about the music they liked is that it's not chaotic enough. This is not to say that what I like is better. I just realize that Coltrane, MJQ, and Mingus (which I really began to appreciate after a "Girls' Night Out" at Gracefullee's house) speak to me; the more staid jazz, while enjoyable, does not. I'm even open to some Ornette Coleman. I'm still discovering my jazz tastes. This song is at the top of my list.

THE JOB. I quit the cubicle for good. Cubicles are of the Devil, as are idiot bosses, and companies with no room for promotion. That's not a life I can live. I give credit to those who can do it. I lack the patience for that world.

Enjoy the rain. We need it. Rain, I ain't mad at ya!


At 9/22/07, 8:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Friend,

You've got to get the antioxidants going and get out tomorrow (Sunday). I am telling you that the Jermometer says it's going to be a really good dawn patrol. Monday may be epic. Seriously though, get your situation out there. After this, it will be slim pickins' Bring the Tyler, it going to be a morning of glide. I'm going to dawn patrol before church. If I'm wrong, I owe you a cup of your favorite coffee, or whatever.

Going Left!!

At 9/22/07, 8:31 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Thanks for the heads up, Jeremy. I think it will be good too. I saw how it looked at the home break. I figure it will be even better at RPB (our favorite spot). But if you read the post above, you'll see I'm not down with getting wet after a rain. It might be the best surf in L.A. history and I won't get in. The one thing I don't gamble with is my good health. Have a good session. Catch a few for me!

At 9/23/07, 10:06 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

Surfing and Jazz, a love supreme.
Much aloha,


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