09 September 2007

Tool Time

The three of us returned from Home Depot today with four 8' 2 x 4 studs, a box of 8 nails, a hand saw and a mitre box. No, Soul Brother #1 is not building a surfboard repair stand for me. He's not handy . . . at all. I'm going to build the stand myself . . . somehow. Since I'm the only one in the house who's pretty good with tools, I'm really the only one who can build this thing. The book says it's not hard. I'm not so sure about that. I'm not good with measurements or things that require the use of numbers. It's still worth a shot. This stuff didn't cost much. If I ever get the stand together, I'll eventually start doing my own ding repairs. I'll start off slowly. I plan to get a piece of crap board to learn on. I'll need a few more tools if I'm going to get serious. I'll get around to those eventually. First I've got to deal with the task at hand: the stand. I'll post pictures (if and) when it's finished.

We went to the car show at Belmont Shore today. Here are Soul Brother #2 and I shopping for a new surf mobile.
Soul Brother #2 checks out a VW, one that doesn't look anything like our beautiful rust bucket.

I didn't have a favorite car this year. However, I did talk to a guy who restores VW buses. He can be of help as we get ours together. Our bus will never be a show quality bus. There's no fun in owning a car that's so pristine that you're afraid to drive it, park it or let it see the light of day. Right now, I'm leaning toward a dark green matte exterior and a caramel brown interior. At this point, the most important thing to attend to is that engine. We'll be taking her to the mechanic later this week to get started on a 1776 engine that will give it enough power to get up and go down the freeway.


At 9/9/07, 9:53 PM, Anonymous clay said...

Never fear, Home Despot sells pre-made sawhorses - more than adequate for ding repair.

At 9/10/07, 6:50 PM, Blogger nm said...

that Dodge is sweeeeeet!

At 9/12/07, 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

straight forward ding repair isn't hard. you can do it !! i had to learn, with that same book and lots of good advice from the internet, b/c here in NYC they charge you $50-70/per ding. after paying those horrendous fees i thought there's no way out but to learn myself. now i'm even repairing the simple dings for my friends. and all that on a blanket covered table, since building sawhorses would be way too much for my mechanical abilities.
good luck with your repairs !!


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