31 August 2007

What a Week!

All I want now is to get wet. The combination of Soul Grandmother #1 being under the weather, Soul Brother #2 starting school, cramps and going to back to work at a place where I no longer want to be was a bit stressful to say the least. I haven't surfed since Sunday and I've only gotten in the pool twice. I've not had many opportunities to work the stress out of my system. I doubt that the sessions this weekend will bring much relief; every break in Southern California will be swollen with the fair weather surfers who want to do their last little bit of surfing before the weather turns cold. I don't like the crowds. I've learned to live with them, but I still shudder when I turn around to paddle for a wave only to see three or four people sitting in my path. I'll get wet bright and early tomorrow. Get in early, get out early. That's the key on a holiday.

Everyone be safe this weekend! Surf like you mean it!


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