10 August 2007

The Summer of Swimming

When my buddy from work and I first started swimming at lunch, I was good for about seven lengths in the pool. He was good for about two or three. I spent a lot of time catching my breath when I first started. Since then, I slowly worked up to swimming several days a week (usually at a different, shorter pool). Today I was back in the longer pool. I'm now up to 20 lengths (in the same amount of time it would take me to do the seven)!!!! I've even been able to teach myself how to do a sad little flipturn. I don't do it often, but I can at least say that I know how to do one. What a great summer this has been for my fitness. Yes, the surf sucked for most of the summer. That doesn't matter. I'm taking a hell of a lot of increased fitness into the winter surf season as a result of all of this swimming. Now that Soul Brother #1 is going back to work and Soul Brother #2 is starting school, my pool time is limited. I'm still going to find a way to get in the pool a couple of times a week. I've got two more weeks for sure. I can still swim at lunch during my last two weeks at the job. After that, I'm back in our weight room/gym at home since I'll be working part-time as a freelancer at my job for several weeks after I quit. During the four hours that my little man is in school, I'll be working. Eventually, his days will increase and I'll be leaving my current employer for good. Then I'm going to take a break of about a week or two to relax and workout. Then I'll be looking for a more suitable gig.


At 8/11/07, 10:14 PM, Blogger nmm said...

You're welcome in my lane....any time.


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