04 August 2007

Small Waves, Big Crowds

There wasn't much to be found today. I knew there was a tiny bit of SW swell, so I headed to a point break, hoping I could score a handful of waves. They were small waves, yes. But they were still waves. Soul Brother #1 and I got out early. I wanted to beat the crowds and catch the tide as it went from high to low and back up. When I paddled out, I was one of the first ten people in the water. By the time I got out of the water, I was one of what seemed like, oh, several hundred in the water.

Soul Brother #1 got a few good shots, one of which is of me stepping to the nose. Too bad I crashed and burned after I got up there. At least I looked relatively competent while I was walking up there.

I think the best shot of the day was of me doing my best imitation of the new Cardiff surfer statue. At least I was falling off my board.
What's this guy's excuse for that posture? (Photo stolen from JP's Leucadia Blog.)


At 8/5/07, 8:40 PM, Blogger nmm said...

1. Holy shit...crowd control.

2. Very nice pic of you walking.

3. 35 years of pool time...that's how I do it. ;-)

At 8/6/07, 2:19 PM, Blogger gracefullee said...

Nice cross-step! Even nicer Cardiff pose!

At 8/6/07, 6:00 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Nice pic # 2 got some style goin on Sis....saweet.

OMG that crowd is disturbing....you surf through that....its seems to be like a full on slalom course...LoL

have fun this summer...
surf on................

At 8/10/07, 10:37 AM, Blogger Sharkbait said...

Great pics!
That first one kinda looks like the "birdswell" picture I recently posted on my blog. Several thousand birds had descended on the lineup, not much unlike the ant farm in the water in your pic.


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