21 July 2007


Photographs courtesy of Soul Brother #1


At 7/21/07, 7:17 PM, Blogger Bill said...


At 7/23/07, 7:33 AM, Blogger BeanCountingSurfer said...

I SEE ME!!!! Good seeing you again!

At 7/23/07, 5:06 PM, Blogger gracefullee said...


At 7/24/07, 11:22 AM, Anonymous The DooDahsomest2007 said...

MAry & Ken S.- good photos, nice blog- & you got the shot of what had to be the "Wave of the day" with all the folks on it. Hope you post more photos

At 8/7/07, 11:33 AM, Blogger Harness Media Group said...

Crazy - Insane. I've got the love, but I am not sure how I'd fair with 10 surfers taking off on the same wave. Maybe I need a longboard to understand. Maybe I am still a little selfish. Hmmmm - probably the latter.



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