05 April 2007

Doh! Tagged When I Wasn't Paying Attention!!

Sorry, beFrank! You tagged me too. I guess my dog ate that page of my homework!


1. I wear glasses. Believe it or not, I like wearing glasses. I look better with them than without them.

2. I actually like some of the shows I'm forced to watch on Nickelodeon when Soul Brother #2 has control of the remote. I've even been known to watch them when he's not home.

3. At 20, I was an illegal alien, living and working in Holland.

4. I did not go to my high school prom.

5. I'm still athletic and active because I believe youth is wasted on the young (famous saying--look it up). My goal is to be so active that by the time I'm an old woman who can no longer be an athlete, I'll be ready for a rest and won't mind sitting and reminiscing about my past exploits.

I'm going to miss this swell. Frankly, I can't deal with the crowds. I also need to take a day off next week. So, I'll bide my time and try not to cry when I read the surf reports for today. If you go out, go out there and kill it!!


At 4/5/07, 7:58 AM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

These tags seem to be happening a lot to you of late... Maybe it's moon phase or something like that.

At 4/6/07, 2:24 AM, Blogger clayfin said...

my neighbor is well into her 60's and runs the senior women's basketball league, as well as going to Ghana three times a year for a month at a time to help the sick and dying. Retired Navy nurse. An inspiration.

At 4/6/07, 3:45 PM, Anonymous dgm said...

if you've been an athlete all your life, isn't it hard to imagine NOT being one? i think we're around the same age, and there's no way i can foresee giving up on daily physical activity.

At 4/7/07, 7:42 AM, Blogger beFrank said...

I think on some level I tried to tag some people who might grumble and be irritated over doing this meme (but might do it anyway).

Thanks for playing. I think we have some lovely parting gifts for all of our contestants.


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