04 April 2007

Tag! I'm It!!

I've been sitting here minding my own business. I don't bother anybody. I don't ask for much out of life, do I? Well, somehow, I got noticed while I was trying not to make eye contact!

Paula, the Surf Mom, tagged me (and others), saying the purpose of the tag is to name "seven tracks or albums that have been playing in [your] life recently." This tag is a little silly for someone like me. I listen to NPR and local public radio more than I listen to music.

1. "American Terrorist" - Lupe Fiasco
This song fascinates me. Rap has devolved so much of late that I didn't think rappers with skills and intelligence were allowed to make music anymore. This brotha, in my opinion, is single-handedly saving rap from a horrible death.
2. "Kick Push" - Lupe Fiasco
Soul Brother #2 loves this song. He makes me play it over and over and over in the car. The brotha raps about skateboarding in this song, which seems to fascinate Soul Brother #2 to no end.
3. "Can't Stand Losing You" - The Police
Not my favorite band. Not my favorite song. For some reason, I keep playing this song over and over.
4. "Badge" - Cream
5. The Royal Scam - Steely Dan
I've been listening to my albums recently. I think I got this one in high school. I like it better now than I did then.
6. "Armagideon Time" - Willie Williams
Classic reggae on the iPod. This song was one of the many reasons why I love Forest Whitaker's movie Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.
7. "Golden" - Jill Scott


At 4/4/07, 8:41 PM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

good songs... thanks

At 4/5/07, 2:57 AM, Blogger beFrank said...

Hey, I tagged you last week for a meme. I thought you just didn't want to play.

At 4/6/07, 2:20 AM, Blogger clayfin said...

The Dan rules


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