29 March 2007

Oh, There's More

In response to my last post (about wanting better waves than those offered up at my home break), Alan M said it was a good sign. I think so too. What makes me kind of sad is another good sign: I saw a chink in the armor of my beloved Slick. I've spent much of my blogging time singing the praises of this board. I still think it's a magical board that can do no wrong. Scratch that—a magical board that can almost do no wrong. It did me wrong during my last session. Much to my chagrin, I'm going to admit that the board can be a bit, well, slow. During that last session, I got a good long left. I saw where I wanted to go. I was trying to get the board where I needed to be (in order to make the section). However, the board couldn't get me there fast enough. God, I remember this part of the ride with crystal clarity. I was looking at the open shoulder and doing everything I could to get in front of the part of the wave that was breaking. I can still see it clearly as I type this. But, dammit, the board was incapable of getting me where I wanted to go. It's the first time I can remember being disappointed in this board. That was a first.

I'm going to assume that my dissatisfaction with my home break and with the performance of my equipment is an indication improvement. I guess that's a good thing. (Sigh) Life was so much easier when I didn't know any better, when I'd happily paddle out even when it was flat. Now, I've got the nerve to be picky! What does this mean exactly?


At 3/30/07, 5:47 AM, Blogger Bill said...

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At 3/30/07, 5:52 AM, Blogger Bill said...

One of the Slick's I have is considerable slower. The 9'3" NR3 is thinner, whippy, and more danceable, but is harder to accelerate and make sections on compared to my other rides.
Different boards and different breaks
help me broaden out and get through plateau's.

P.S. Looks like the upcoming swell might provide a great longboarding week.
surf on

At 3/30/07, 9:43 AM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

Thats what is means darlin... you're looking for new challenges

At 3/30/07, 9:52 AM, Blogger Alan_M said...

Actually Clayfin said it was a good sing, but I agree.
What does this mean? Unfortunatley, it means that there will be less fun and more frustration in your future. Cynicism will creep into your appraisal of all things surfing.
It's like your taste in music or food as your grow older and wiser. You're just not satified with disposable bubblegum pop anymore, you start appreciating complexity and subtlety....
But you're becoming a better surfer, and that's a goal your can strive for the rest of your life. The search is on!

At 3/30/07, 11:26 AM, Blogger clayfin said...

what it means is you need to order several new boards, so if one is not fast enough you paddle in and try another one. Custom boards from underground SD backyard shapers are best.


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