17 March 2007

A Good Surf Session and a Good Margarita . . .

would make the world a better place right now.

Today's session was disappointing at best. I went to a point break and waited. You could see something was coming or at least it was trying to. The tide was having none of that. As usual, time was of the essence. I must be home by noon on Saturdays in order to take Soul Brother #2 to his swim lesson. After waiting and watching, I called one of the homies at the home break. She said there were some shoulders and that she was about to paddle out. Given the time and the tide, I left the point break. The home break was surfable but not enjoyable. Once again, the shape left much to be desired.

Promise to self: During the next decent swell, I'm taking at least one day off. I don't even care if I take it without pay. I just need a mental health/surfing health day.


At 3/17/07, 8:51 PM, Anonymous Whiffleboy said...

I was thinking of hitting your home break (or a little further north) for DP Sunday. Given your report, I may go to El Porto.

At 3/18/07, 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

next mid-week may be the call, as long as the winds don't ruin it..?


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