08 March 2007

Still Think I Should Get It?

Looks kinda good from far away, doesn't it?

Let's talk about the positives first:

That wood is in good shape and it's beautiful.

But wait! There's more! Let's talk about everything else.

Okay, I'm not done. There's nothing good about this door (and those are my friend's fingers poking through at the bottom):

Yes, there is! The replacement for it . . . is inside the bus!

Finally, there's the rust:



At 3/9/07, 12:52 AM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

Eckkkk!!!!! Run for your life

At 3/9/07, 11:17 AM, Blogger Alan_M said...

is it going to be your main ride? if it's a "weekender", screw the body work and just get her running ood. If you want it for the daily driver... I agree RUN!

At 3/9/07, 11:26 AM, Blogger Whiffleboy said...

Don't buy it. It's not worth that price. If it has that dual carb Porsche engine in the back, you'll be hating life.

I had a cherry-looking 72 Bus that blew up on me 3 times! The final time, it left me stranded in the intersection of Sepulveda and Victory in the Valley during Friday rush hour traffic.

A homeless dude helped me push it off to the side. I called my roommate and had him bring the pink slip to me. I signed the fucker over to the homeless guy on the spot. I was done with it and the homeless guy now had a great place to chill.

At 3/9/07, 11:58 AM, Blogger clayfin said...

First off, the replacement door needs to be a different color. And there needs to be at least a couple of bondo patches somewhere to contrast the rust. I have to say, looks like a money pit to me.

At 3/9/07, 12:49 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Don't say I didn't warn you all. I did. And that's why I posted the pictures. I figured I should go back for a closer look and take a camera.

Perish the thought of that thing being a daily driver. Never!

However, I may have a hook up for body work. I'll find out about that next week.

No Porsche engine. That doesn't work in the bus. For some reason, I know that from conversations with people in my youth.

At 3/9/07, 2:29 PM, Blogger Jgirl said...

Dont listen to these gonads. Yeah it looks like shit, but thats sort of the point. The rusted out areas are an easy fix and add character to this girl. Empty all the crap out of the back and make her look like a girl. As long as she is not your daily you will be able to enjoy liesurely geting her in shape and I promise eventually you will want to drive her everywhere. Personally I dont care for the color. I would primor the entire thing, maybe a black or dark grey and find a nice rack for her, wood and powder coated. You will also need an antique cooler, look for one on ebay or craigs...and old metal rust bucket!!

I say offer the dude 800, plan on paying a grand.

I love her. you should name her Betty Bus : )

At 3/9/07, 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just say no, surfsister, just say no. Think of all the new boards you can buy with the money you don't spend on repairs, registration, smogging(ha) and insurance.

At 3/9/07, 3:59 PM, Blogger reverb said...

...well, sport a really easy ding repairs...
bondo is a no no
go to a good car welder

and you find the engine parts easily

At 3/9/07, 7:08 PM, Blogger SlowPolk said...

off topic: I just want to say the way you centered the names of the month looks like a wave and the wave is getting bigger durring the winter months.


At 3/10/07, 5:27 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Since I'm not from there, I don't know what hurdles you're gonna have getting this thing to pass emissions tests, but yeah- it looks like a total money pit. Reminds me of a house a co-worker bought, a "Lustron" home. The thing is made of steel- all of it- roof, ceilings, walls, siding, gutters, everything. In the summer it turns into a broiler.

I say go for an old Jeep or Toyota Land Cruiser. I can't see spending that kinda coin for a bus that looks just like you'd expect a '68 to look. Good Luck!

At 3/12/07, 12:34 PM, Blogger puttzle said...

This is the voice of experience...DON'T DO IT! Think of my Arby, I ended up begging somebody to take it off my hands...


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