01 April 2007

To Work or Not to Work?

I'm surfless for the second day in a row. I was up early enough, but stayed local. I didn't find anything that I felt was worth surfing. It's one thing when you're looking for somewhere to surf. It's another when all the reports say a swell will arrive and you're expecting to see lines in the water. There wasn't much out there at the spots I checked. The home break, on the other hand, was closing out. Since the tide was coming up, I didn't think the home break would get any better. Yes, the waves would eventually calm down . . . and then they'd be breaking right onshore. There was nothing out there to entice me to get in. Now the question is this: Will there be enough swell tomorrow to justify taking a vacation day? At this point, I'm considering going into work and waiting for a better day. I'll know once I wake up in the morning and start checking the reports.

Today wasn't as busy as yesterday. I lifted weights, shopped for plants with Soul Brother #2 and then did more gardening once I came home. How in the hell do you make old, tired rose plants/bushes go away and stay away? This is a problem we've faced for the last two or three years. These damn roses don't yield flowers. But when you pull them up, they grow right back. They're worse than weeds!! Soul Brother #1 and dug up several. The one that's giving us hell is probably as old as I am. It's the size of a small tree. It must have Alzheimer's since it seems to have forgotten how to yield flowers. We couldn't pull that thing up. Soul Brother #1 suggested putting a rope around it and trying to pull it out of the ground with his motorcycle. This thing is so old and so stubborn that I think the motorcycle would get the worst of that match up.

Pray for excellent surf, good karma, and a lineup full of smiles!


At 4/1/07, 7:43 PM, Blogger Bill said...

IMHO wed or thursday Sister

Im bankin on it...scheduled thur fri off myself

good luck

At 4/1/07, 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girl... it got good... 10 min after u left the home break today. Wished you got it. DP.

At 4/2/07, 8:13 AM, Blogger Alan_M said...

yep, wed or thur -**cough** ***cough***


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