11 April 2007

Butterflies in My Stomach

Soul Brother #2's daycare is closed this week. I'm off today. Right now he's doing a little happy dance for reasons unknown. That's just what five year olds do when they're happy. Anyway, I've got Soul Grandmother #2 to watch him for a little while later today. The free cams are showing some serious swell. When the surf is like that and I'm able to hit it, I get worked up. I'm sitting here trying to remain calm. I'm failing miserably. I'm wondering where I'll go, whether the swell will be too bigā€”LPB is out of the question on a day like today, whether I'll find parking, whether I'll regret paddling out, etc. I can barely sit still. I'm as bad as my five year old.


At 4/11/07, 8:50 AM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

:) You even have me doing a little happy dance because you have surf... looks like till tomorrow I have to live out my surf life through others... catch one for me Surf Sister

At 4/11/07, 9:12 AM, Blogger Whiffleboy said...

LPB is meaty right now. Guys are sitting pretty far out there and there's whitewater everywhere. The parking lot is jammed. Head to Sunset or the inside Topanga. :-)


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