13 October 2006

Time Off

Well, the weather is going to force me to do what I've been doing all week: not workout. That means I won't be surfing. I'm fighting a battle with a cold. As usual, I'm losing. I only worked out once this week and, even before it rained, I'd decided I'd probably rest throughout the weekend as well. Rest is something I don't do well. I didn't learn to rest until I got coaching (while I was racing bikes). Periodically, my coach would tell me to take a week off. I was to do little or nothing in the way of working out. This, in turn, allowed my body and mind to recuperate from months of working out out at least six days a week. I still tend to be regimented when it comes to working out. I do it without thinking about it. Working out is just what I do. But now I'm also working full-time, being a wife, and raising a kid. This cold was enough to make me take some time off.

It's just as well. I'm about to move into a new phase of workouts. I'm increasing the weight I lift. I'll also be doing the sand dune a couple of times a week after work. So it was a good time to rest and prepare to switch gears.


At 10/14/06, 11:14 AM, Blogger reverb said...

...there re differents ways to working out...
I mean, sometimes you dont even need weight...only breath (chi kung)



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