06 October 2006

Fore!!!! Oh, Sorry, Dude!!!!

That's right, I've taken up golf. Really, I have. That's what happens when you work in the corporate world, isn't it?

Not in my world. At least not in this lifetime. I will be playing golf tomorrow. No, that's not true. I will be at the company golf tournament swinging at the ball. That's about the extent of my involvement with golf. I hit my very first golf ball yesterday at the driving range on my lunch hour. Thankfully, my boss was there to give me pointers. I was back at the driving range again today. From what I can tell, I don't completely suck. I can actually hit the ball (on most of my attempts). When I hit it just right, it went straight and it went far. My putting needs some work though. I'd be concerned about all of this if I planned to continue golfing. The problem with golf, and I'm speaking personally, is that (1) it's too slow and (2) it puts way too much strain on my bad knee. Why am I doing the golf tournament after saying it was dumb and that I'd rather go surfing? Well, at the last minute, my boss encouraged one of my co-workers to go ahead and play in the tournament. That meant, of course, that my homie needed to put a team together. Who did he ask first? Yeah, it was me. And I could tell he really wanted to do it. So I assented. Truthfully, this is not so much a tournament as it is a party. We don't have company functions any other time of the year. You're not supposed to BYOB. It's verboten. And I respect that. I really do. But I ain't drinking no beer. That's all they seem to be selling at this course. So, although I won't be BYOBing, I will be accepting liquid donations from those who will. Oh god, I start talking about alcohol and forget what I was talking about! The surf seems to leave a lot to be desired lately. So I'll stay out of the water tomorrow. I don't think I'll be missing much. I'll try to get wet on Sunday.


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