21 September 2006

Damn It All to Hell!!!

Soul Brother #1 is skipping work tomorrow. So of course I had thought I might be able to squeeze in a dawn patrol session. That was until I realized that sunrise isn't until way after 6 a.m. To make a DP session worth my while, I'd need to be in the water by 6 and out by 7 (since my work day starts at 7:45). There's no way I can do a session before work unless I'm content to be in the water for 30 minutes. Thirty minutes? What a joke! I'll pass. It's worth it to wait until Saturday. Another blogger, the Soul Brothers, and I will be on the road, heading down south for surf. I'll write more about that after it happens.


At 9/22/06, 10:53 AM, Blogger gracefullee said...

Did a true DP sesh at Malibu this AM. Onshore winds junked up the waves. On my way back down I saw fifty people at Topanga waiting and rolling (not breaking) waves coming into Sunset. You didn't miss anything.

At 9/22/06, 3:04 PM, Blogger Slow_Polk said...

Oneday you should get in the water before sunrise and see if you can still catch waves, then let me know. :-)

At 9/25/06, 12:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Took my daughter for her first surf lessons at "The Goon"
We both caught about fifteen 4' waves each. Started out the door before 6 am. It was a thrill to watch her smile on her first wave that she was able to stand & ride in. Fun waves for me. By 10 am we were both exhausted from paddling. A great dawn patrol by any standard.

At 9/25/06, 5:01 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Anonymous, I'm jealous. My little man is too small to surf and has said he's not interested. I'm waiting for his change of heart (but if he doesn't have one, that's fine too).


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