02 September 2006


As far as I'm concerned, the summer is over as of Tuesday. The one thing I wanted to do this summer was . . . believe it or not, not quit my job. Before I became a parent, I would quit jobs in a heartbeat, especially if they prevented me from going outside to play. In years past, a summer like the one we just had would have caused me to run screaming from any job that required sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week. Think about it. This summer was great. Not only was it hot—okay, it was usually too damn hot—but we also saw decent swells all summer. Such conditions would have been a recipe for employment disaster pre-kid. The kid has mellowed me. I can't enjoy being unemployed (and free to play) if doing so means the kid goes without and we struggle to pay bills. At this point, I only surf a couple of times a week, but I've learned to make the most of those sessions.

This has been a weekend of less than epic surf. So far, I've surfed the Breakwater and the home break. Both days gave us warm weather and clear water. The water was clear enough for me to easily spot the rays and little sharks swimming in the shallows. I actually like little days like we're seeing now. All you can do is have fun. I wasn't feelin' it yesterday at the Breakwater. I think I'm at a point when I simply want to relax. That's hard to do when it's crowded. If I had the money, I'd take a surf trip off the beaten path. I felt a little more enthusiastic today at the home break. Of course, there wasn't much to paddle for. This is a good time to put the Tyler back into the rotation. The only problem is I've yet to rewax it or put the fin back on. That leaves me with only the Slick (since I've loaned the funboard to a friend).

Soul Brother #1, as is his usual practice, refuses to say whether or not he's cool with me surfing in the morning. That bugs me. I can't make plans when I don't know that I can surf. So, we'll all get up tomorrow, not knowing what's planned for the day. Then, of a sudden, SB #1 will say something about me going surfing. Then I'm scrambling to get everything together and thrown into the car. (If I get my shit together ahead of time, he gets mad, thinking I'm presumptuously assuming I'm going surfing.) I've stopped saying anything about any of this. Why bother? I'm mentioning all this as a roundabout way of saying I may be lucky enough to get a third day of surfing in tomorrow too.


At 9/4/06, 6:03 PM, Blogger gracefullee said...

I'm not sure I can deal with not knowing plans ahead of time, so I feel for ya.

I have a tip which comes from my former daily dawn patrol days. Keep everything packed anyway. I usually rotated towels, so once the wet towels were used and drying, I immediately put the dry ones in the car after a session. In the summer it's easy for me to keep extra boardshorts and rashguards in the car. (The winter is trickier since the wetsuit usually hangs overnight to dry and still isn't completely done then.)

The sunscreen, wax, etc. always stay in the car in a bag that lives there.

Also, I have a giant plastic bag where I stuff everything in the morning (giant water bottle, wetsuit in the winter, booties).

I had it down to a science so that when my alarm rang, after I had my time in the bathroom, and I was out the door in under 5 minutes pre-dawn. If I had to go searching for everything before waves or coffee I would never have made it.

So I guess what I'm saying is give whatever items you can a new home in your car and it cuts down on your scramble time.

I don't think you can have Soul Brother #2 sleep in the car overnight, though.

At 9/4/06, 9:45 PM, Blogger clayfin said...

If you have it packed and ready to go every day, then SB#1 will eventually get tired of being mad. Or, take this tack. Whatever hobby he has, offer to go do it with him. A few times of that and he'll be putting the board on the racks for you!

At 9/6/06, 9:20 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Well, I can't do his thing. He rides a motorcycle. We both agree I won't ride on the back of it. I also have no interest in getting my own bike (now that I'm a mom and have someone to stay alive and healthy for). So, I can't really do his thing with him.


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