22 August 2006

For Uncle Grant

Surfed Sunday at the home break. As I was walking toward the water to paddle out, saw Christopher Meloni running in the hard sand. Threw down my board and gave chase (for about 10 seconds). Oooo la f*#ing la! That man is a hottie!

But I digress. Home break was decent. Shared a peak with a few friends. I think I only went right once. I'm tired of going right. When I can go left, I go left. Period. Even if that means allowing the rights to go by unridden.

Enjoyed myself. Saw my crew. Shot the shit. Went home and played mom for the rest of the day. The end.


At 8/23/06, 12:30 PM, Blogger gracefullee said...

Now, now, Sis. We try not to scare the local wildlife. Didn't you see the sign? "Do not feed the Celebrities"

At 8/29/06, 11:46 AM, Blogger unclegrant said...


Both of you are hurting Uncle Grant's feelings!



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