14 August 2006

Your Daily Donkey

I feel like I've won the lottery!! I sent a picture/link to Your Daily Donkey and it was featured today. I love that site!


At 8/15/06, 10:29 AM, Blogger Whiffleboy said...

Although I don't really like the idea of that blog, the picture you found to post there is hilarious!!!!

At 8/17/06, 1:13 PM, Blogger clayfin said...

Are you gonna update this blog or what? You are worse than me!

At 9/16/06, 7:45 PM, Anonymous stillstoked said...

Daily Donkey is sophomoric and stupid.
What is the point of making fun of people?
Those featured are out there to have fun, and enjoy themselves (maybe on their day off, just like you), and get stoked.

The site does not promote good vibes.

At 9/16/06, 7:51 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Well, I agree with you there. The picture I sent was not of a person. I would never send a picture of a person. But I'm sorry, that surfboard with the fin going in the wrong direction was asking for it. With that said, I must say this: you're right.

At 9/17/06, 1:27 PM, Anonymous stillstoked said...

Right on, your pic was funny and appropriate.
We can all use a good laugh and afterall we surf to have fun.

The DD author needs to get a lot more creative,
the person writing it is taking the easy route and that's the low road.


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