02 October 2006

Newest Non-Surfing Addition to the Family


At 10/3/06, 5:32 AM, Blogger Bill said...

Sister, for what's it's worth, I too have Chris Schlickenmeyer's M A G I C boards,( 3 of 'em ),
and contrary to the posting majorities opinions, would either "temp" repair it for professional repair at a later date, or just take it in now.
A small price to pay for the quality of the piece.

At 10/3/06, 6:47 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Bill, I want to repair it now with an eye toward perhaps having it done professionally later. That's what I did with the Tyler. I used Solarez on minor to moderate dings. Then when I had to take it in for the fin chop, I had the guys professionally fix my repairs (which were done to keep the board water tight only). So, I hear you. Which boards do you have?


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