09 October 2006

Giving Up Surfing for Golf?

In a word—no. It's not my game. But damn if I didn't laugh hard and constantly for the few hours we were on the course. The Gatoritas probably helped. What? You never heard of Gatoritas? They're just margaritas masquerading as Gatorade. If I can always have one of those while I'm playing, I'll play golf all the time!! I only lost one ball. I didn't hit anyone. I even hit the ball straight a few—very few—times. One of my foursome partners did get hit. Thankfully, it wasn't hard. He, then, hit a ball that was so off that it struck the golf cart I was sitting in. Another one of our foursome used his driver for just about everything. Wow! We really sucked. We didn't even finish the course. Nor did we keep score. We gave up on keeping score on the first hole after we saw that doing so would be pointless. If nothing else, we gave our boss a few things to chuckle about. I don't think we embarrassed him.

I'll post later on Sunday's session with Whiff and BBD.


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